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RAW NU-YU - RULE 7 - 🥬🥑🥩🥯⁠Enjoy your food 🔑The key to sustainable weight loss

❌Don’t let your eating habits consume you to the point where you’re stressing out about how many carbs you’re eating or if your foods are following your diet plan to the calorie.

⚠️There are many diet plans out there, which basically want you to consume high protein, low carb foods, such as chicken, broccoli and rice day after day. If you have ever tried one, I am sure you will agree; whilst these diet plans do make you lose weight and look like you have reached your ideal weight very quickly. They become boring, require a lot of preparation and are very hard to sustain.

😲They are basically a “body builder” diet plan” designed to strip fat very quickly to get you ready for competition. Most importantly you are also compromising your metabolism by eating a reduced balance of foods too quickly, pushing your body into “fat sorting” mode. You would need to sustain this eating plan for a very long period to avoid putting weight back on and probably even more than when you started.

✅So unless you are looking to enter a bodybuilding competition soon, then my advice is to stay away from Fad diets and build a diet plan around good wholesome foods that you enjoy. Take your time to find the foods that work for your taste-buds and lifestyle the results will come. ⁠

💭Remember: Enjoying your food, is not an opinion…it’s a physiological fact!

🧡Our gut is really sensitive to emotion. Whether its happy, sad, anger, anxiety or any other emotion – those feelings can trigger symptoms in our gut. And the same is true in the opposite direction – irritations in our gut can affect our mood, so if you are eating foods that you do not enjoy, you can in fact be compromising your weight loss journey!


Let's look at this in more detail👇

The connection goes both ways – unhappy tummy equals unhappy emotions. Unhappy emotions, equals unhappy tummy and poor digestion.

We know that things like stress can cause abdominal cramps, indigestion, and even diarrhoea, for example.

And that some diagnosed gut disorders can be worsened by stress, anxiety or depression. Studies have found that therapy to reduce stress or treat anxiety or depression has improved digestive symptoms (I know my stomach is better now I’m medicating the bad anxiety disorder I’ve been dealing with this past year).

If you’re relaxed and sitting down to a meal you enjoy, chances are your body and gut will relax and digest your food better, than if you’re sitting down to a meal you dislike, in a grumpy mood because you’re on another disgusting diet, right?

In Japan, their food-based dietary guidelines include this: “Enjoy your food”. Yep, that’s a specific directive from their government, how cool is that?

“Damn it people, enjoy your food!” I could live with that advice for sure.

Interesting Fact - Healthy Food May Be "Good For You", But You Must Enjoy It Too!

Add vitamin P - pleasure and your meal is metabolically optimized. So if you’re the kind of person who eats foods that are “good for you” even though you don’t like them, or if you think you can have a lousy diet and make up for it by eating a strange-tasting vitamin-fortified protein bar, or if you’ve simply banished pleasure because you don’t have enough time to cook or find a sumptuous meal—then you aren’t doing yourself any nutritional favors. You’re slamming shut the door on a key metabolic pathway.

In a fascinating animal study, scientists surgically destroyed the nerve centers of rats’ brains that enable the rats to taste. One group of rats was thus left with no ability to taste their food; a second group of normal, healthy, and luckier creatures who could still enjoy their meals was used as a control.

Both groups were fed the exact same food, ate the same amounts, and were treated by researchers with the same manner of rat respect. In due time, every rat that couldn’t taste died. The surprised scientists needed to find a cause of death so they autopsied the animals. They found that even though these rats ate the same healthy amount of food, they nevertheless died of clinical rat malnutrition. Their organs had wasted as if they’d been starved.

The moral of the story is that taste and pleasure are essential to life, more so perhaps than we could have ever imagined!

🔑The Key to Nutrient Fusion “So what can I eat?”

You may choose from over 250+ foods that are not only easy to prepare, but also delicious! I’m asking you to eliminate the obvious offenders like cupcakes, brownies, creamy salad dressings, ice cream, alcohol (in moderation), and greasy chips (just wait for Baked Sweet Potato Fries!) to name a few. Trust me. You have great tasting alternatives you can eat until you’re full, and will help you trim inches off your body.

Just check out the this document which provides a key to all foods from each of the 4 key nutrient types:

> Proteins

> Fibrous Carbohydrates

> Starchy Carbohydrates

> Incidental Fats


raw nu yu_nutrient fusion key
Download PDF • 4.23MB

🧡Check out the RAW NU YU Rule 1 "Eat 6 Six times and day" to see an example of what your day could look like, plus get some tasty recipe ideas⁠!


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