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Why not learn NEW Functional concepts & start seeing NEW RESULTS!



So maybe you feel at your peak in your current training regime and want to try a NEW challenge, push your limits and see NEW results.  

OR you are looking to get your fitness "Mojo" back and want to try a RAW 1 Hour session to learn a NEW discipline you can take into your own gym. 


The RAW 1 HOUR is designed to be challenging yet fun and will get YOUR assisting muscles working alongside YOUR bigger muscle groups and make a stronger, more flexible, fitter YOU!


Every hour session will also have a focus on improving your core stability & posture and help you understand how to naturally engage your core during exercise and day to day activities.

RAW 1 HOUR Training Options:


With a variety of specific Functional Training equipment RAW PT can customise a 1 HOUR Functional Fitness Training session to help you find the right balance and strength that nature designed us for. 

+ TRX - Suspension & Functional Training 

  Learn TRX the correct way, with an "All Over Body" TRX Suspension session whilst combining a variety of functional and cardio training techniques.

+ TRX - RIP Resistance Trainer - NEW for 2018

A unique and challenging bit of kit. Designed around Martial arts based movements and high resistance training concepts, the RIP Trainer will hit muscles you never knew you had! 

+ Pad Work & Core Circuits

  A complete upper body & mind workout improving cardio, endurance and co-ordination. Combined with a range of Core specific exercises ​you will feel the FULL benefit in body and mind will be hungry for more!

+ Functional HIIT Training​

  A mix of cardio and High Intensity Interval Training, using a range of RAW Functional equipment. Get a sweat on and feel the burn!

+ Stability & Strength

  A full all over body session using specific core stability & posture improving exercises and equipment. Whether to help pain relief, improve core strengt tor prevent injury, you will feel a stronger and more confident you! 



1 X SESSION = £30 

2 X SESSIONS = £58

4 X SESSIONS = £108 - SAVE 10%

SEE 4 WEEK BOOSTER for Package extra's

Sessions can be taken as a single or combination of 2 functional disciplines