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Team RAW Run Club

Looking to take your running to the next level or even just find the confidence to start? Team RAW Run Club is a fantastic opportunity to train with a group of like-minded ladies and learn new techniques (in a fun way) that will give you a whole new confidence to your stride!

Whether you are new to running or are already running 10K’s comfortably, it really doesn't matter - training will be tailored for all abilities and everyone is guaranteed to get a good workout.


Training involves a mix of running disciplines including shorter/interval, hill sprints and longer distance running to help you improve your fitness and running ability very quickly!!

You'll leave Team RAW Run Club feeling satisfied, energised, faster and excited for your next session.​


Meet at Avenham Park, Car Park (S Meadow Ln Preston PR1 8JP)


Team RAW Run Club take place throughout the year every:

  • Tuesday  6:30 pm


  • Every session is varied, challenging and most importantly fun

  • Burn up to 600 calories without even realising it

  • Reach your best both physically and mentally, regardless of your starting point

  • Perfect your techniques and avoid injury with our expert guidance

  • Get support and specialist fitness advice based on your goals

  • Track your progress with weekly challenges

  • Enjoy the team RAW camaraderie whilst challenging your body and mind

  • Train towards and participate in an exciting calendar of challenge and social Team RAW Events


  • £5 per session or From only £4.50 when you block book

  • Sessions can be used flexibly within your booking timeframe to fit around your busy life

  • Your flexible block gives you access to our weekly Team RAW Boot Camp sessions too!

Ready to take your fitness to a whole new level with a supportive group of like-minded ladies? Book your free taster session today.

Team RAW Events


As a team; we train together, we race together and we also socialise together.  Getting on board Team RAW is not just about training hard each week, we set achievable goals and enter a challenge events to help push us to smash our goals.  Team RAW is not just a Boot Camp, it's a lifestyle choice and what better way to celebrate our achievements then enjoying social time with a team of like-minded ladies, who will soon become your friends.

Click here to see what is coming up on our Team RAW Events calendar