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RAW NU-YU 🥗- RULE 4 - Learn How to Portion Control⁠ - 🔑The key to sustainable weight loss

🧡Understanding portion control is key to the success of your eating day. It is really important to make sure that you do not "under eat" so your body stays out of "fat storing mode". You should always be satisfied with your meal and that you eat enough food to get to your next snack or meal. Refer back to the RAW NU YU RULE 2 Eat every 2½ to 3 hours and stay out of fat storing mode (link in bio). ⁠

⚠️ On the other hand you should NEVER feel "stuffed" and by keeping in mind that you must eat again in two to three hours, will help you from overeating.⁠

❓One of the most common questions I hear is "What portion sizes of foods should I consume?" - Ideally, we do not want to get into the habit of having to measure everything single food item. This is time consuming, monotonous and you will easily give up.⁠

🥘To help get your head around what are the ideal portion sizes for each food types, I’ve come up with an easy to follow system "RAW NU YU - Portion Control" that allows you accurate measurements without lugging scales and measuring cups with you everywhere you go.⁠


Let's 'explain this in a little more detail 👇

🥩 PROTEIN - Eat your Phone

📱 Serving - Size of an iPhone

When it comes to choosing a healthy meal, it should begin with a quality lean protein. The remainder of the meal will be built around your protein choice. More than likely your protein choices are going to come from chicken, fish, beef or pork, and they should be at least, AT LEAST, the size of an iPhone™. This is an area where women often come up short. Too many women don’t get enough protein and it’s killing their fitness goals. Protein will fill you up and keep you satisfied for longer periods of time. As previously mentioned, it takes twice as many calories to digest protein than it does to digest carbs or fat. That means the act of eating protein in and of itself gives you a metabolic boost.

🍞 STARCHY CARBS- Lettuce Anyone?

⚾ Serving - Size of tennis ball

Next up would be your starchy carbs. This tends to be the area we want to most indulge in. Who doesn’t like a bottomless bowl of pasta or a mountain of spag boll and garlic bread? The problem is, starchy carbs are usually the highest in calories and burn up the fastest leaving you desperately searching for something else to eat. For starchy carbs you’ll want to limit the amount to the size of a tennis ball, at most.

🥦 FIBROUS CARBS - Go Green…Get Lean

🍊 Serving - Size of grapefruit

Last are your fibrous carbohydrates. These come from foods such as lettuce, spinach, and broccoli…mostly green, mostly from the ground. When it comes to fibrous carbs, you should eat as much as you want. In fact, you could let the amount of fibrous carbs you consume per meal be twice the size of your starch. At a MINIMUM you should consume at least a grapefruit size amount of fibrous carbs.

🥨 SNACKS -Talk to the Hand

When it comes to snacking it’s easy for things to get out of control…fast. This easy to follow approach will help those of you who insist on measuring food quantities, maintain the ability to quickly and accurately prepare your snacks on the go.

There are three main measurements associated with this technique:

• The Handful

• The Fistful

• The Pinch

🖐️THE HANDFUL is the amount of food you can fit on your open hand. Heap it up and spread it out as long as it fits on your hand without spilling off. If it falls out of your hand, before making it into your zip lock bag or Tupperware

container, it goes back in the serving bag.


Grains and cereals.

👊THE FISTFUL is the amount of food you can fit in your hand and still make a clenched fist. In order for it to qualify

as a Fistful you must be able to fully close your hand around it. Anything that spills out…back in the serving container.


Nuts, seeds, and dried fruits.

👌THE PINCH is the amount of food you can hold in your three fingers; thumb, index, middle. Pinch foods are typically used to add flavor such as chocolate chips.


🔑The Key to Nutrient Fusion “So what can I eat?”

You may choose from over 250+ foods that are not only easy to prepare, but also delicious! I’m asking you to eliminate the obvious offenders like cupcakes, brownies, creamy salad dressings, ice cream, alcohol (in moderation), and greasy chips (just wait for Baked Sweet Potato Fries!) to name a few. Trust me. You have great tasting alternatives you can eat until you’re full, and will help you trim inches off your body.

Just check out the this document which provides a key to all foods from each of the 4 key nutrient types:

> Proteins

> Fibrous Carbohydrates

> Starchy Carbohydrates

> Incidental Fats


raw nu yu_nutrient fusion key
Download PDF • 4.23MB

🧡Check out the RAW NU YU Rule 1 "Eat 6 Six times and day" to see an example of what your day could look like, plus get some tasty recipe ideas⁠!


Missed them? Check out the links below to see all the 7 rules in this series.

RULE 7️⃣ Enjoy your meal. It’s not an opinion…it’s a physiological fact! ⁠


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