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What RAW Client's think ...

Don't just take my word for it, hear from REAL RAW clients and read their REAL success stories!


S.Jones - Female- Aged 29

The before pictures you see here were taken on the 2nd May 2018. I’d decided enough was enough, I needed to stop emotionally eating and abusing myself! I started to look for a PT and sorted my eating habits out ready for my holiday. I signed up to 2 sessions a week With Bex at RAW Personal Training and really got into it! But then, a few weeks in...a small lump I’d felt in my stomach became a bigger lump and worry set in.

I went to my doctors for a check up and then I received the dreaded letter. The letter explained that the signs and systems I were displaying were signs of cancer. I felt like my whole world had fallen apart, again. Referred for several tests and waiting for the next steps, the anxiety was difficult beyond belief but instead of doing what I’d usually do... find comfort within food, I booked 3 sessions a week with Bex and kept on track with my eating and attended the gym in between.

I felt in control, I felt almost powerful. Bex did more than just train my body she also trained my mind to use exercise as a form of release. She pushed me and pulled me out of my comfort zones in a secure, personal setting at her purpose built gym!

Fast forward to today,8 weeks since I started my journey with Bex. I’m 23.3lb down all from eating well and working hard! I’ve lost 6inches from my waist and I have a much healthier relationship with food.

I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders (physically and theoretically 😂.  I’ve got a very long way to go and I can’t wait to continue my journey, including my sessions with Bex but honestly today I feel on top of the world and I’m bloody proud of myself and I’m so glad I’ve found a healthy way to deal with my anxiety! Thanks Bex! You’re amazing!


R.Whitelegg - Male - Aged 60

I am a 60 year old male and have been training with Becky for a year. I am really pleased with the progress made in this time.

I had always been a bit sceptical about personal trainers having seen several working at my gym over the years some of whom I was not at all impressed with. Becky however had a different approach and when I saw her with a client she was working a lot more with them so they were exercising together.

For several reasons I decided that I was going to try some personal training sessions  and they would be with Becky.

I have found the training sessions challenging but pleasurable  (sometimes more so on completion! ) There is an emphasis on pushing yourself for maximum benefit but also on ensuring you do things correctly. I feel a lot fitter and stronger now than I did a year ago. My training that had plateaued a year ago has an intensity and challenge to it that was lacking before.  

My weight has come down by a stone and other indicators of health have improved a lot. Having had serious back problems I had been wary of many exercises but with Becky I have done loads of exercises I would never have dreamed of trying on my own.

If you want a personal trainer then I can recommend without reservation that you contact Becky to find out how she can help you achieve your goals.

I STARTED WITH A BMI OF 31.7%, NOW IT'S 26%. MY BODY FAT WAS 48.7% & NOW IT'S 37.6%.

A-Watson Female - Aged 59

​"In January 2016 I realized my weight had reached 14st and I was horrified! So, with retirement pending, I started a local exercise class and by March I had lost half-a-stone. When I retired I joined a local gym and decided to get a personal trainer! Although there's a cost to this, I decided it was an investment in me. I also wanted to get on with exercising and establish a routine, as I could not at that stage face dieting or joining a dieting group.

Two years on from starting with the wonderful Rebecca Wells (RAW PT), I have lost a further 2 stone, I train regularly, run a little and go to the RAW Boot camp! My eating habits have changed completely because with Becky's help and advice and some willpower on my behalf, I eat less, I eat more fruit and veg and drink much more water. Exercising helps you to eat less and as your stomach shrinks, you are not as hungry. I still enjoy the good things in life such as biscuits but the urge to eat the whole packet has gone!

Becky is an excellent trainer. She knows how to motivate and encourage people, create programmes that are designed for you, monitor your progress and have fun! Becky is very friendly and approachable and I always enjoy my sessions with her. She has a great gym at her home too. I have made new friends and gone much further with my physical training than I would ever have expected. Completing a Pretty Muddy 5k event in June 2018 for charity was a real highlight.

I started off with a BMI of 31.7% and its now 26%. My body fat was 48.7% and its now 37.6%. I'm thrilled with my results and what is the best thing of all is that I feel I have done this in the best way. Taking my time to build up exercise and lose weight slowly leads to more permanent results. I couldn't have done it without Becky. I can't recommend her services highly enough. She's very professional and a lovely caring, friendly person to boot!

I'm keeping going because this is my life now and a very important part of it, it is too! Training with Becky (RAW PT) has been worth every penny."


A.Milory - Female Aged 29

Before meeting RAW PT I was clueless about the exercises I should be doing to help me loose weight and tone up. RAW PT  helped me reach my goals and helped me become body confident for the first time in years!


As someone who has hated exercise since high school RAW PT has given me the confidence to train in the gym and has even taught me how to run which is something I have never been able to do. For anyone taking on the New Years resolution of “new year new me” I would highly recommend RAW PT. The RAW Fitness new studio is amazing and takes away those self conscious feelings of being in a gym with other people 😃


P Broster - Male - Aged 49

It gives me great pleasure to offer the following testimonial for Rebecca of RAW Personal Training. I commissioned Rebecca’s services in April 2016 on the recommendation of my then personal trainer who was leaving the gym where I trained to pursue other interests. In retrospect, this actually turned out to be one of the best ‘strokes of luck’ I’ve had in any of my forty-eight years!

Before we began working out in the gym Rebecca made sure that she understood the fundamental elements of my lifestyle (diet, previous training experience, work schedule, etc.) which would have a bearing on how, and when I trained, and most importantly, how I would best achieve my goals.

Once she was in possession of these facts Rebecca quickly developed a well-structured exercise program which she backed up with some solid advice on nutrition and rest.

During our gym sessions, I instantly found Rebecca’s relaxed (yet professional) style easy to work with. She manages to coach and motivate without being either patronising or repetitive. My workout programs and all of the other information that Rebecca has given me is always presented in a way which is really clear and easy for to follow. Rebecca has worked really hard to build a structure for me which allows me to work independently of our regular sessions, the only downside to this is that I don’t tend to laugh so much when I’m working on my own...

I have worked with numerous personal trainers during the past ten years, some good, some bad, and some I can’t even remember, but none have had Rebecca’s refreshing approach to training.

She uses her vast experience and knowledge to combine many different elements of health and fitness wisdom to help her clients to achieve realistic lasting results.  I wholeheartedly believe that Rebecca invests 100% in all of her client’s goals. I guarantee that she’ll be there with you every step of the way, propping you up, pushing you along (albeit gently), keeping you focused, and always with a smile...


In conclusion, I am a satisfied customer who has been delighted to offer this testimony to Rebecca’s services.


C Farnhill - Female - Age 45

RAW PT (Becky), has not only changed my shape, she has changed my outlook.  My default position always used to be I can’t, but now I’m giving things a try, finding that I can and loving it!  Given that I can only fit seeing Becky once a week into my schedule it is incredible the impact she has made.  


12 Months ago I was nearly six stone heavier, I had so little core stability I couldn’t even stand on one leg without holding on to Becky’s shoulder and I would never have believed that I would feel comfortable wearing a bikini ever again.  Becky has played a very large part in changing that completely.  


She pushes me to get the best out of me – which I need – but never pushes me too much and the result is that my age based on my statistics (such as body fat and muscle mass) is 15 years younger than my real age.

I used to dread my sessions because I don’t enjoy the gym environment, but training with Becky has given me the confidence to try things I have never tried in my life before, so now I positively enjoy the challenge and feel proud of myself when I can manage to master something new.  


I love the fact that Becky clearly knows her stuff and layers exercises very cleverly to get the maximum impact out of them.  She is also very knowledgeable about nutrition and helped me to identify that, although I was eating healthily in the main, there were gaps in my diet that needed to be addressed.  Since doing so I feel as healthy as I have ever felt, I have bags of energy and people constantly tell me how well I look.

I think it is obvious that I really can’t sing Becky’s praises enough.  She has played a large part in making me feel strong both physically and mentally and not just that, it’s fun training with her, I enjoy her company and I also regard her as a friend.


E. Rowicki – Female: Age 38

"I started training with RAW 6 weeks ago I'm halfway through the 12 week challenge and started noticing the differences after just 3 weeks!! I'm a lot stronger and fitter I can even run for just as long as my toddler!


I can't wait to get started on the next 6 weeks. RAW has given me a new lease of life, improved my diet and given me a new sense of confidence. Be warned RAW will BEAST  you every week in the nicest possible way but your body, your sense of well being and your attitude towards health and fitness will thank her for it. I know mine does!

I couldn't recommend RAW enough and throughly recommend taking up the 12 week challenge and really discover the new you."


J Cove – Male: Age 25

" Rebecca offers tailored training to meet your needs. This is a fantastic way to build strength without causing any injuries to the body. I used to work out in the gym unknowingly damaging my lower back using wrong weights which was causing further imbalanced injuries. 

By beginning the Raw program with Rebecca she was able to provide suitable correct exercises. 6weeks on and I've achieved the foundations for a strong healthy body. Raw Program gets results fast. 

I would recommend anyone to get a fitness program produced by a professional and Rebecca offers an exciting new Raw fitness regime tailored to the individual. 

Rebecca shows a genuine interest in your progress, she's compassionate, dedicated about getting it right for you, she listens, motivates you to succeed and educates you. 

Without her I wouldn't have achieved these life changing results. "


N Einenman – Female: Age 60

"Training with RAW PT has given me the confidence & knowledge to use my time at the gym to make a difference to both my fitness & health. She creates a tailor-made training programme that is easy to follow & gets results. She is motivational, inspirational & has a friendly open personality.  I feel fitter, stronger & healthier. Thanks Becky


P Whiteside – Male: Age 45

" I have been a regular gym user for years and followed a simple weights and cardio program.
After returning to the gym after a recent shoulder replacement and back operation I felt I was just going through the motions.

I have never used a personal trainer before and honestly thought they were a waste of money!
HOW WRONG WAS I !!!! After talking to Rebecca from RAW and booking a block of one to one sessions I can honestly say it's the best money I have ever spent.

Rebecca is so knowledgable about health and fitness. She made me an amazing programme to meet my fitness needs. Rebecca introduced me to exercises I had never done before and gave me the confidence to try different things in the gym. Her knowledge of different exercises for each body part and general conditioning is second to none.

Rebecca has made my gym sessions enjoyable, interesting, very rewarding and I feel great."


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