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Team RAW Online- Everything You Need to Know

Read this important Online Classes information so that you will be fully prepared and really get the most out of your training.

TEAM RAW Online Sessions


​Check your email confirmation for the session that you have booked on and please log on at least 5 minutes before.

HOW >>

All Online Classes are delivered via Zoom video live stream. You can access Zoom anywhere with an internet connection, via lap top, Mobile Phone or Tablet! Zoom is free to use and can be accessed via the Zoom website or APP via Play Store or Apple Store. We recommend you download the Zoom app prior to your first class.


Here are a few helpful points to help you set up your Zoom online  session

  • PLEASE make sure that you have sufficient battery on your phone/device.  Zoom, also seems to zoom up your battery!!

  • Try and make sure that your phone is set up in a position not too close to your training space.  Set it up in horizontal view (if possible) and so that I can see you in full length. (Don't worry about getting this exact, I will help you once we are connected)

  • Please make sure you have available; water and a mat or towel (for floor exercises). 

  • You will need to open the link from the device that you are using. ie if you are using your laptop then you will need to access the link from your email.

  • Once you are connected to the session, it will prompt you to connect to audio, please make sure you do this so I can hear you.  If you are not prompted there should be a little speaker icon top left of your screen that will connect the audio for you  

  • We will aim to start the session at the start time.  Please aim to be online 5 mins prior to the start of our session, you are welcome to join slightly earlier so we can make sure your camera is set up.  


Ahead of your session you should:

  • FOR NEW TEAM RAW MEMBERS Complete the Registration Form - this is essential before you train for the first time

  • Make sure you have eaten, but leave 1 hour before training to let your food digest

  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day

  • Stretch out for 5-10 mins before the session if you have any ongoing joint or muscular pain, i.e. knee/shoulder. A warm up session will take place, but concentrated stretching on your specific issues will further help to eliminate any further pain/injury.


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